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Godly Woman in Hell

I was born and lived in Namibia all my life and surrendered my life to Jesus on February 06, 2005. The Lord Jesus Christ has revealed many things in the spiritual realm to me including a couple of trips to hell. The Lord instructed me to share my experiences with the people; He also warned me not to add anything or omit anything from whatever the Lord Jesus Christ showed or told me. By the time of the writing of this book, end of 2006, I was visited 33 times by the Lord Jesus Christ. Every single time of those visitations, the Lord would tell me before leaving that: TIME IS FAST RUNNING OUT.

On October 18 2005 I woke up at 5.30 but I could not go to work. I was feeling very weak and drunk; I could not move or turn around in my bed, and the presence of the Lord was very heavy in the room. I was trembling and felt electricity going through my body. The Lord came to take me just before 08H00 because the last time I had looked at my watch, it was 07H48, and he arrived very shortly after that. He greeted me and said that we should go again because time was fast running out. I stood up and we began to walk. The way we were walking on this day was very different from all other times; although our legs were doing the walking movements, we were sort of floating more than walking. While we were on our way, Jesus told me that all sins are bad and there is nothing such as small sin and big sin. All sin will lead to death, no matter how big or small. He extended His hand to me and pulled me up from where I was lying. Suddenly I was in a beautiful, transformed body; I looked the same as I was when I was eighteen years old. I was wearing a white robe tied with a white rope. Although my robe was white, the material was different from the man's robe. His robe was silky with a brilliance that I do not know how to describe.

He said, in a most loving and tender voice: "Victoria, I want you to come with me; I will show you frightening things and I am taking you to a place where you have never been before in your whole life". He held my right hand and we went. I felt as if we were walking on air and we were ascending all the time. After a while on the way, I was very tired and told Him that I was unable to continue the journey and begged Him to allow me to go back. However, He looked at me tenderly and said, "You are not tired - you are fine. If you get tired, I will carry you, but for now you are fine. Peace be with you. Let us go."

The place at which we arrived was very arid, worse than the worst desert known to man, with no sign of life in any form whatsoever. There was not a single tree or blade of grass or any living thing in sight. It was a very depressing place indeed.
We came to a gate and the man turned to me and said: "Victoria, we will enter through the gate and the things you will see will frighten and upset you - but you must rest assured that wherever I take you, you will be well protected. Just open your eyes and observe everything I will show you." I was terrified and started to weep.

We entered through the gate. I cannot describe to you the horror of that place. I am convinced that there is no other place in the entire universe as bad as that place. The place was extremely large and I had the sense that it was expanding all the time. It was a place of utmost darkness and the heat of it could not be measured: it was hotter than the hottest of fires. I could not see any flames of fire or the source of the heat but it was HOT. The place was filled with the most disgusting stench; there are no words to describe the intensity of the stench in that place. The smell was almost like rotten meat but was a hundred times worse than the most decaying meat I have ever smelled in my entire life. The place was filled with the noise of wailing and gnashing of teeth, as well as of demonic, evil laughter.

The worst thing about this place is that it was filled with people. The humans, on the other hand, looked miserable and depressed; they were in a state of helplessness and hopelessness. The noise from humans was caused by pain; they were weeping, screaming and gnashing their teeth, and were in a desperate situation of unimaginable pain and agony.

The Lord pointed out one middle-aged woman whom I knew before her death. She had died in a car accident at the beginning of 2005. I was shocked to see that woman in Hell because we all knew her as a God-fearing and God-loving person. The Lord told me that that woman loved Him and He also loved her; she had served Him when she was on Earth; she had led many people to the Lord and she knew the Word very well. She was kind to the poor and needy; she gave to them, and helped them in many ways. She was a good servant of the Lord in most ways.

Those words of the Lord shocked me even more and I asked Him why He would let someone who had served Him so well end up in Hell. The Lord looked at me and said that this lady had believed the deception of the Devil. Although she knew the Scriptures well, she believed the lie of the Devil that there are big sins and small sins. She thought that a ‘small' sin would not lead her to Hell because, after all, she was a Christian.

The Lord continued, "I went to her many times and told her to stop what she was doing but many times she would reason that what she was doing was too small and she attributed my warning to her own feelings of guilt. There was a time when she stopped for a while but then she convinced herself again that the warning was not from Me but her own voice because that sin was too insignificant to grieve the Holy Spirit."
I asked the Lord again to tell me what the sin was that this woman has committed and He answered me thus,"This woman had a friend who is a nurse at Oshakati Hospital. Whenever this woman was sick, she would not go to hospital and pay for her hospital card as normal practice; she would just pick up the telephone and tell her friend to organize medicine for her from the Hospital Dispensary. Her friend would always oblige and tell her to pick up the medicine at a particular time. Firstly, she decided to accept the lie of the Devil about small and big sin and rejected my truth; she caused somebody else to sin and steal on her behalf but, worst of all, she grieved the Holy Spirit. This is what caused her to be in Hell. It does not matter whether you bring millions of souls to the Lord; it is still possible to go to Hell for grieving the Holy Spirit. You must not only care about the salvation of others but you must be careful not to forget about your own soul. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit at all times." After the Lord said those words He said that we should go back.

Many Christians who have heard this story do find it problematic. They would always ask me, "What about justification, mercy and grace?" and "Is it possible to lose your Salvation after you have received it?" "Is that not a bit too harsh?" "Can God be so cruel?"

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